Recyclable Floral Centerpiece

Monday May 24 2010

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Recyclable Floral Centerpiece


Happy Memorial Day!


No recipe this week. (But here’s a link to the world’s best barbeque recipe.)

Just wanted to remind you that this time of year the nurseries, farm stands and even the big box stores are loaded with beautiful flower seedlings for planting. Buy a flat or two and make a gorgeous party centerpiece for a lot less than you’d spend on cut flowers. The seedlings can do double duty, first as a centerpiece and then for planting. Even if you don’t have a garden, which I know is the case with many of my NYC readers, you can still reuse the seedlings. Cut the compartments apart into singles before making the centerpiece. As guests leave the party invite them to pluck a seedling from the centerpiece to take home as a party favor. This is recycling at its best!

To make a centerpiece like the one pictured above, buy bedding flats of blooming flowers in colors that match your décor.  Nestle the flats into pretty baskets or planters, cutting individual compartments apart as needed to fit the container. Fill in the spaces with florist’s moss. You can find florist’s moss at craft stores, like Michael’s, or big box stores like Walmart.

If you want to get really fancy, make little tags on your computer with planting instructions or simply a message thanking your guests for coming. Stick a hatpin through each tag and plunge it into the dirt to hold it in place. (See photo below.) Arrange all the little pots in your basket as described above and invite everyone to take one home at the end of the evening.

BTW, if you use cutting flower bedding plants, like snap dragons or zinnias, for your centerpiece and then plant them, they’ll produce a third centerpiece later in the summer when they mature and can be cut and arranged in vases!


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