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Grown Up Easter Basket

Tuesday Mar 24 2015

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Grown Up Easter Basket

If you use a monthly planner, you may be surprised to know that Easter is next weekend, on April 5. Because it comes in the first week of the month, it’s easy to flip or scroll from March over to April only to find that the Easter bunny is on the trail and you are totally behind the eight ball! Better hop to it. There are chocolate rabbit ears to be eaten and Easter baskets to be assembled.

I love making Easter baskets for kids and can’t resist buying way too many of the chocolate bunnies, Peeps, jellybeans and nougat eggs that stores are overflowing with this time of year. However, when planning Easter baskets for grown ups I often think, chocolate bunnies are fine, but I’d rather have wine!

Here, I filled an inexpensive galvanized bowl with an assortment of good quality local cheeses to pair with a jar of plum chutney, a hunk of crusty bread, a small cutting board and spreader, and a lovely Sauvignon Blanc. A burlap bag filled with tulip bulbs for planting and a potted pansy add a breath of spring.


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