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Floating Flower Centerpiece

Tuesday Jun 30 2015

Posted in Decorations & Tabletop

Floating Flower Centerpiece

Just my luck. I planted all kinds of cutting flowers this year, but when I went out to gather a bouquet for my luncheon party table last weekend, there simply weren’t enough to make the kind of big, dramatic bouquet I like for my centerpieces. Here’s my solution for creating a showy display with just a few flowers. Fill a large footed bowl with water. Cut the stems off the flowers and float the blossoms in the water. Boom! Instant centerpiece. I used mostly daisies and zinnias, but most any flower will work. I once floated a single, huge, white magnolia blossom in that same bowl and it looked fabulous with a white-on-white table setting. Added bonus: I assembled this centerpiece on Saturday morning and it still looks fresh as well, a daisy!


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