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Easter Tablescape

Wednesday Apr 09 2014

Posted in Decorations & Tabletop, Gifts From the Kitchen

Easter Tablescape

This year I’m keeping it simple and whimsical when it comes to decorating the table for Easter. The centerpiece is nothing more than a nest of paper shreds and assorted Easter eggs arranged on a cake stand.

For place markers that double as favors, I assembled mismatched tag sale vintage berry baskets, lined them with paper shred, and filled each with a fuzzy bunny and an assortment of Easter eggs, jellybeans and malted milk eggs.

If you can’t find berry baskets check craft stores and big box stores like Walmart for mini Easter baskets. You might also consider craft store bird’s nests, mismatched tag sale teacups, or even brown paper bags with some of the top trimmed off so they stand about 3 inches tall.

The place card is decorated with clip art of spring motifs. I hand tinted the clip art with colored pencils, tore the edges, and glued them to the card along with a raffia bow.


When the party’s over do you need a way to use up all those leftover Easter eggs? Click here for some of my favorite deviled egg recipes.


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